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Super Connected Cardiff

Super Connected Cardiff celebrates its successes.

SCC project ended in 2015 but had considerable achievements to its name and was able to reflect on having created an Internet Exchange in the City, provided free wifi on buses and in the City Centre, established 140 public and third sector buildings giving free wifi to the public and invested in many small businesses helped providing assistance through connectivity vouchers. Terry was been a member of the board helping ensure its links with digital inclusion activities.



Digital Communities Wales

Continued consultancy role.

The very successfull Communities 2.0 project ended in March 2015, having helped over 60,000 people get on line. Its successor project Digital Communities Wales is managed by the Wales Cooperative Centre. Terry has been engaged by the project to continue providing advice on digital inclusion to projects in Wales.


Fairness Commission Newport

Fairness Commission in Newport

Terry has been as a member of the Fairness Commisson in Newport since 2014. The Commission was established by the City Council and is chaired by Prof Steve Smith of USW. It is consulted on key matters of policy and examines whether basic principles of fairness have been followed as the Council makes decisions.

It also offers training to staff and councillors that helps in understanding how the principles of fairness can be applied to decisions and policy making.


Reducing Family Poverty in Newport

Newport Family Skills successfully engage and help 355 adults in 2014/5

The Family Skills project, managed by SEWREC on behalf of a consortium og partners is a key strand of Newport's Families First Programme helping families out of poverty. Family Skills worked successfully with 355 adults in the past year helping adults in overcoming financial problems, boostng confidence and skills, accessing grants and helping people into work and setting up businesses -

The programme continues to learn from its work and to evolve its services. Terry palys a key role overseeing its development and chairing the partnership.



EU Recognition for Good Practice

EU Lifelong Learning Good Practice Guide (Aug 2014)

The Good Practice Guide drawn up and recently published by the Lifelong Learning Programme within the EU highlighted the work of Belieforama as one of the examples, particularly the impact on project participants and the quality and depth of the project's self evaluation using both internal and external methods. In particular it reflects the EVALORED phase of the project to which Terry was a key contributor to its design and delivery as a member of the Belieforama partnership.